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Let’s face it: clinical research coordinators (CRCs) can make or break any trial. Beginning with the site selection visit, the coordinator is carrying a large load. Tasked to learn new trial procedures, vendors, and schedules, they must also explain these details to patients and their team. Tight timelines and pressure from all sides wreak havoc during startup and recruitment, especially when managing multiple protocols. CRCs must play the role of symphony conductor (or circus ringleader), with tools that haven’t changed for decades. Intent upon creating a solution, a team of coordinators developed Research Hive.

Research Hive is an innovative recruitment and retention platform.

At the core it is a straight-forward mobile app, developed to help coordinators. Neil Schmitz, head of product development, shared the initial vision: “We developed Research Hive to improve team communication and give sites all study details in one familiar place; their smartphone. We knew recruitment would improve if we could give a team real-time access to critical study information. It had to be fast to review the study criteria and then refer a patient, so that was our focus.”

From a quality site to #1 in the world.

A high-enrolling Cardiology practice in Houston saw room for improvement because the majority of recruitment came from half of the investigators. When the site was selected to participate in a global trial (12,000 target enrollment), they decided to use Research Hive, and the impact was immediate. “We were getting referrals from the doctors who were previously not referring, even while they were rounding in the hospital. They stopped asking us to fill them in on study details in the hallway. It was great!” When enrollment closed, the site earned special distinction as #1 enrolling site world-wide.

Top retina site sees dramatic results.

A dynamic, industry-leading site with 11 investigators, 12 locations, and over 40 ongoing trials sought to improve their recruitment process. “Our clinic EMR was not the solution, neither was text or email.” They discovered Research Hive, and the results were stunning. “We were hoping to get flexible and secure communication and tracking of referrals within our team. We got that, but were surprised to watch our weekly referral rate increase over 70% above our pre-Research Hive levels.”

A perfect fit.

“Research Hive was designed with the coordinator in mind, working within any size clinic or institution.” Alex Harris, one of the coordinators who developed Research Hive, continued: “We also listened to the physicians, adding features to help them make clinical decisions quickly.”

Research Hive has drastically improved the recruitment process, with a price that makes the decision to test it out a simple one.

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