Remote Monitoring Threatens to Increase Site Challenges

Remote monitoring is here to stay, says Sandra SAM Sather, MS, BSN, CCRC, CCRA, vice president at Clinical Pathways, LLC. That said, she wonders if it increases the burden on research sites to de-identify subjects’ medical records. She notes that, in many cases today, it does increase that burden and often blocks access remotely to […]

Clinical Trial Billing Errors Generate Multi-Million Dollar Fines

Clinical trial billing errors continue to emerge at established, well-respected sites—and the penalties and publicity can hit hard, warns Brent Ibata, PhD, JD, MPH, FACHE, RAC, CCRC, CPI, CHRC, the research compliance officer at Sentara Healthcare. It is rarely a case of out-and-out fraud, Ibata notes. Instead, it can be a lack of understanding. Clinical […]

Don’t Let Fear Stifle Innovation

As an accomplished motivational speaker, it would be pretty easy for classical violinist Kai Kight to stick with the same presentation over and over. However, that’s not how he rolls. “I’m nervous before every talk because I try new things all the time,” he says. Something’s obviously working: He was just named one of the […]