Making a Difference: The CenterWatch Contribution

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Since 1994, CenterWatch has been the recognized global leader in providing clinical trials information to a broad and influential spectrum of clinical research professionals ranging from top sponsors and CROs to research sites and niche providers, as well as an engaged population of people interested in clinical research and volunteering.

A pioneer in publishing clinical trials information, CenterWatch was the first to publish detailed information about clinical trials that could be freely accessed by patients and their advocates. Today, we have the largest online database of actively recruiting, industry-sponsored clinical trials.

CenterWatch has a unique position in patient education, and garnering interest in clinical trials.

Patient Enrollment Services:

  • Clinical Trials Listing Service™ is the leading online resource for patients seeking actively recruiting clinical trials, having reached more than 25 million potential study volunteers since launching over 20 years ago. Today, this service averages a total of 2.5+ million patient visitors annually, and con­tains thousands of active global clinical trial listings with a range of exclusive outreach efforts. Such efforts include collaborative partnerships with leading clinical trial services and health associations designed to maximize traffic to your clinical trial listings.
  • The Patient Notification Service sends email notifications which precisely match subscrib­ers to relevant clinical trials based on their medical conditions and geographic location.

Patient Education:

  • The Volunteering for a Clinical Trial brochure is an IRB-approved, quick-reference guide for potential volunteers interested in participating in a research study. It includes an overview of the clinical trials process and answers some of the most commonly asked questions about volunteering for a clinical trial.
  • Understanding the Informed Consent Process is an IRB-approved brochure that provides study volunteers with important information regarding the informed consent process, including facts and information about the volunteer’s “Bill of Rights.”
  • Infographics offer graphic visual representa­tions of information, data, or knowledge pre­sented in a format that is easy to understand at a glance, and help patients understand the full scope of the clinical trials enterprise ranging from clinical trial participation, patient attrition rates, and informed consent to business aspects and much more.

Part of CenterWatch’s mission is to provide patients with access to essential health and educational resources to learn more about clin­ical research and participation as well as other organizations that offer information and support for a range of medical conditions.

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