Change is in the Air: Part V

This is the fifth installment in the series on changes coming to the clinical research enterprise from John Neal, CPA, BS, CRSP, founder and CEO of PCRS Network, LLC, and member of the ACRP Board of Trustees

Prediction 5: Attention will turn more toward prevention, rather than cures.

To be fair, rarely is there truly a cure found for any disease. Some of the most deadly diseases once prevalent around the globe considered to be “cured” (e.g. Polio, Tetanus, and Yellow Fever) are simply well controlled via vaccines that act to either prevent the infection altogether, or to kill the virus in those already infected. However, the viruses responsible for these diseases have not been eradicated. In fact, Smallpox is the only disease to date that appears to have been completely eradicated, with routine vaccination discontinued in the United States in 1972, and the last known natural case occurring in Somalia in 1977.

“The hierarchy of therapies will be, initially, preventative.  Next, ideally, curative.  Then, there will be a lot of demand in areas of genetic disorders and orphan indications.” Jamie Macdonald, CEO of INC Research

When I spoke recently with Jamie Macdonald, CEO of INC Research on the topic, he stated, “The hierarchy of therapies will be, initially preventative. Next, ideally, curative. Then, there will be a lot of demand in areas of genetic disorders and orphan indications.” Mr. Macdonald emphasized that this focus will we be led “…in part by the science, looking at those areas that clearly have the biggest impact, not just on healthcare costs, but more from the societal costs as well.”

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