Change is in the Air: Part VI

This is the sixth installment in the series on changes coming to the clinical research enterprise that John Neal, CEO of PCRS Network, LLC,  began in April 2016, with the prediction that “major changes are coming that will be disruptive, displacing many people currently working in the industry.”

Prediction 6: There will be fewer studies involving large numbers of subjects as attention turns toward rarer diseases

As I noted in the fifth post of this series, there are now effective treatments for many of the diseases that historically plagued large numbers of people. But there remain many diseases, including genetic disorders and orphan indications, for which there are no effective treatments. Even oncology studies will be focused on more specialized cancers.

When I asked Dr. John Hubbard, President and CEO of BioClinica, what the focus will be for studies in the future he stated “Certainly there will be a focus on oncology, but companies are looking at other therapeutic areas like neuro science and Alzheimer’s diseases, and diseases where there may be a strong genetic link.”

So, why now?

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