At PRA, We’re Family: A look inside PRA’s “boomerang” phenomenon

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We’ll be the first ones to admit, we’ve had CRAs quit. They’ve even left PRA for other CROs. Sure, there’s the allure of new opportunities, new studies, new systems. But at PRA, we’ve noticed one big difference. They “boomerang” back. At a rate of 6.5 former employees per month, in fact.

Believe us, we were surprised by this number too. It’s not often you find an employee that has left so eager to come back. But they are.


Great question, glad you asked. The answer is simple, and we hear it overwhelmingly from our CRAs. “PRA is home, and the people here are family.”

So what makes PRA home?

True, PRA is 11,000+ employees. We have offices all over the world. But there’s one thing we never do. And that is forget that every single person that works here is part of the family. We don’t define our employees by a number. We define them by the incredible work that they do.

Being a CRA asks a lot. Being a CRA means missed family dinners, missed soccer games, and just missed time. Time with loved ones, time with spouses, time with kids. And that’s tough. It’s more than tough. But that’s why we do everything we can to give our CRAs flexibility when they need it. We try as best as we can to keep them close to home and work with their schedules so that they miss as few of those soccer games and dinners as possible. At PRA, we know how important family is, because at the end of the day, we consider every single person that works here family.

Really though, why would someone leave and then come back?

They come back because we welcome them back. We don’t consider CRAs that have left to be outcasts. We know that our managers are incredibly supportive, our systems are top-of-the- line, and our teams are always there to help each other. But we also know that everyone longs to see or do something new. We don’t exile someone for that. We encourage all of our employees to ask questions and challenge norms. We want our CRAs to discover, create, and most importantly, innovate. When CRAs return to PRA, we know that they’ve explored other places. They’ve worked on other studies and used new systems. We are happy to welcome back their input on how we can make PRA better.

So many people come to PRA because they want to do some good in the world. They want to go home each night knowing that they have truly made a difference in the world, while at a place they love working. So many people stay at PRA because, not only do they get to shape the future, they get to do it in a place they truly love. And we are happy to have them.

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