Addressing Educational Gaps in Biomarker and Pharmacogenomics Research Knowledge Among IRB/IEC Members

What is the distinction between biomarker and pharmacogenomic (PGx) research? How are studies conducted in this arena, and what value do they have for patient care? These are just some of the questions that members of institutional review boards and independent ethics committees (IRBs/IECs) may ask themselves when encountering PGx or biomarker research in a […]

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Increase Awareness of Research in Your Organization by Using the Marketing Megaphone

Marketing is crucial to the success of any clinical research program, and while many organizations excel at marketing study opportunities to the community, there is often a disconnect when it comes to an organization’s internal awareness of research. Many organizations conducting clinical research already have tools in place to facilitate successful study operations, but if […]

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Chair’s Message: The Lessons of Learning as You Go

I started in clinical research 10 years ago, having left manufacturing and research and development to take a position as a research administrator. This move placed me into a role I knew little about, having not been engaged in clinical research beforehand. Adding to this was a lack of any formal training in the field. […]