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Academia, Investigator-Initiated Research, and a Unique Resource to Support Both

The reputation of an academic institution depends to a large degree on the scholarly activity performed by its members. There is general agreement that the components of scholarly activity are those defined by Boyer1:

  • Discovery (advancing knowledge)
  • Application (applying existing knowledge)
  • Integration (synthesizing knowledge)
  • Teaching (disseminating current knowledge)

Research, as embodied in the […]

Monitoring of Clinical Trials—Are Remote Activities Helpful in Controlling Quality?

The implementation of risk-based monitoring has spawned many forms of remote monitoring activities. This development has the potential to significantly impact how monitoring is accomplished for clinical trials. One question raised is whether remote monitoring activities are beneficial or detrimental to an effective data quality program. A survey was undertaken to assess the utilization and […]

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Getting the Right Signatures on Informed Consent Documents

The process of informed consent to participate in clinical research, and documentation of that conversation, is usually straightforward; the study population includes adults who are capable and competent to make their own decisions, who speak the same language as the investigator and study team, and who can participate fully in the consent discussion and can […]