ExL Events: The Three Pillars of Hiring and Retaining the Best Billing Compliance Staff

Kelly Willenberg, Manager, Willenberg & Associates Inc.

Kelly Willenberg, Manager, Willenberg & Associates Inc.

Do you have positions “open” continuously in billing compliance? Finding someone with the expertise needed to master billing compliance rules is difficult and intense. What are the secrets to success in hiring and retaining the best staff you can in this unique area of research compliance?

Many administrators in billing compliance do not know what to do when they receive an unexpected resignation. Perhaps the most common reaction is to question what you should do next. You are obviously not flooded with staff knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the billing compliance. Set a strategic investment plan for growth for advancement, and your staff will limit their options for moving on.

The first pillar of hiring is to create purpose with each position. Having distinct roles and responsibilities will help create security. When working with clients all across the country, there is a significant need for focus on roles and responsibilities. Do not allow billing compliance to be done by whoever feels like doing it; set parameters and know where the duties belong. By doing so, you facilitate teamwork and lessen anxiety.

The second pillar is to create value in each position. Having upward mobility and opportunity for advancement will keep staff engaged in your department. Many times, there is no growth at a facility in research billing compliance. This is because nobody truly knows who owns the process. Set job descriptions, policies and procedures so your staff understands what is expected of them.

The final pillar is allowing your team to attend conferences, seminars and training. Establish a priority for training and your staff will respond positively. The value of training comes back to your department in many ways, including the connections formed at external events. Billing compliance networking has combined the insurance world, government, sponsors and sites together to have a positive influence on this distinct area of compliance. By attending the 11th Annual Clinical Trial Billing & Research Compliance Conference, your staff will benefit from six workshops, two full days of sessions, expert speakers and industry leaders from across the country.

Kelly Willenberg, DBA, RN, CCRP, CHRC, CHC, is the owner of Kelly Willenberg & Associates. Kelly has extensive knowledge in clinical trial management and research compliance, including all aspects of clinical trial billing compliance. She has more than 30 years of clinical research and billing compliance experience.

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