Franc Jeffrey, CEO of EQ Travel Management

Travel Services for Patients Aim to Simplify Clinical Trial Participation

Specialized travel services that seek to bring clinical trial participants and researchers together more easily and efficiently have the added benefit of providing patients with an extra point of contact that is seen to be impartial, says Franc Jeffrey, CEO of EQ Travel Management with offices in the United Kingdom and Boston. Historically, contract research […]

Molly Huggins, JD, MHA, Partner, Huggins & Zuiker, LLP

Negotiating Site/Sponsor Contracts Doesn’t Have to be Adversarial

It might sound a little new age-y, but one of the best ways to ensure relatively quick and fair trial agreements between sites and sponsors is to spend a little time walking around in the other side’s moccasins, say two legal experts who’ve helped negotiate agreements from both sides of the table. “The biggest mistake […]

Joshua Jutton, associate director of talent acquisition at INC Research

Survey Paints Rosy CRA Job Landscape

Clinical research associates (CRAs)—or wannabes—who possess strong communications skills, a college degree, and a willingness to live in the New York, San Francisco, or Boston area are at the very top of a talent pool already in high demand, according to an industry analysis conducted by Arris Partners of life sciences job listings posted by […]