Advanced Clinical Joins ACRP Workforce Development Steering Committee Defining Competence Standards for Clinical Trials Professionals

Advanced Clinical

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) today announces Advanced Clinical as the latest member of the multi-stakeholder ACRP Workforce Development Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is charged with reviewing and approving core competence standards for clinical research professionals developed by the ACRP Workforce Development Task Force, whose contributors include broad representation from leading industry and academic organizations across the global clinical research enterprise.

“ACRP is excited to announce Advanced Clinical as a member of the ACRP Workforce Development Steering Committee,” says Terri Hinkley, RN, BScN, MBA, CCRC, FACRP, ACRP’s Workforce Innovation Officer. “We are thankful for Advanced Clinical’s willingness to support workforce competence standardization as a means of promoting excellence in clinical research.”

“I am thrilled that Advanced Clinical is a member of the ACRP Workforce Development Steering Committee further expanding our relationship with ACRP,” says Julie Ross, President of Advanced Clinical. “This opportunity will continue our commitment to support excellence in clinical research as well as the potential to modify the model for how we hire and train clinical research staff.”

As its first initiative, the Task Force and Steering Committee will request public comment on a competence framework for Clinical Research Associates (CRAs). This framework will define standards for clinical trial monitors/CRAs within the eight core competence domains for clinical research professionals, as defined by the Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competence.

ACRP invites additional Steering Committee participation from executives and senior management at clinical trial sponsors. Interested parties should contact Terri Hinkley, RN, BScN, MBA, CCRC, FACRP, ACRP’s Workforce Innovation Officer, at

Jeremy Glunt
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