David Morin

All Those Little Costs Add Up Fast for Sites

Too many sites are left absorbing study costs thanks to increasing trial complexity, technology usage, and a host of other hidden issues, says David Morin, MD, RPh, FACP, CPI, director of clinical research for the Holston Medical Group Sites. Those costs can sneak up on you, Morin explains. Example: password management. It may not sound […]

ACRP Certified Professional

ACRP Responds to Rapid Evolution in Roles of Clinical Research Professionals by Announcing New Certification Program

All professionals working in clinical studies can now earn the flagship certification in clinical research following introduction today of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals – Certified Professional (ACRP-CP®) program. Learn More ACRP-CP® is a new credential formally recognizing professionals involved in the conduct of clinical studies/trials who have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, […]

Richard Young headshot

Opinion: Data—The Foundation of Clinical Trials

A changing world brings data to the forefront, but how do we manage it all to make the biggest impact?  The life sciences industry has been fundamentally altered in recent years. Diseases that were once considered life threatening and terminal are now being managed as chronic conditions. Previous chronic illnesses are treatable and curable, while […]

Randi Foraker headshot

Data-Tech Connect: Conducting Research with EMR Data? You Need an Epidemiologist

Researchers have long characterized the etiology of disease using data from population-based cohort studies, such as the Framingham Heart Study.1 Cohort studies such as these comprise decades of follow-up and rich amounts of questionnaire and physical exam data; however, they are also expensive endeavors. Electronic medical record (EMR) data represent a resource-efficient source of information […]