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At PRA, CRAs become experts at driving their career

Few PRA employees know this better than Lee Lubertazzi. Starting her career as an in-house CRA, and then going through PRA’s BRIDGE program to become a CRA, Lee has always had a passion for data. “As a person who appreciates precision, I’ve always found data and chemistry fascinating. Exact science – that’s what I’m really […]

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A Case Study in Redefining Regulatory Binder Management

Paperless regulatory document management is a hot topic today among personnel at study sites, contract research organizations (CROs), and sponsors facing what is often overwhelming paperwork that seems to grows exponentially with each new trial. Many institutions are starting to invest in regulatory document management solutions to increase staff productivity, speed study start-up, and improve […]

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Recruitment & Retention: Breaking Down the Barriers to eConsent Adoption

Obtaining informed consent from patients is fundamental to the successful conduct of all clinical trials. It is critical that every patient understands the requirements and expectations of participating in a protocol, so that he or she can make an informed and voluntary decision to take part. Too often, however, informed consent is mistakenly viewed as […]