ACRP Announces Initiative with CRO Analytics to Support Clinical Trial Operations Improvement through Performance Analytics

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) today announces a joint initiative with CRO Analytics, Inc. to provide clinical research organizations with insight on performance analytics and its role in improving clinical research. Through the initiative, called ACRP Analytics, ACRP and CRO Analytics will assist ACRP Members and their employers in understanding and employing rigorous […]

Ryan Bailey, MA, Senior Clinical Researcher, Rho

Patients are Experts in Their Own Right

“How often do we make decisions [in clinical research] without considering the patient’s perspective?” asks Ryan Bailey, senior clinical researcher with Rho, rhetorically as he kicks off a session on “Putting Patient-Centric Principles into Practice” with two of his colleagues from Rho at the ACRP 2017 Meeting & Expo in Seattle May 1. The realm […]

Linda Sullivan, Cofounder and President, Metrics Champion Consortium

Are We on the Brink of Standardized Clinical Trial Metrics?

“There’s a new willingness and growing interest in standardizing clinical trial industry metrics,” says Linda Sullivan, cofounder and president of the Metrics Champion Consortium. “I think we’re at the beginning of that wave.” Keys to success in advancing standardized metrics include working with system vendors at the grass roots level, and having a clear understanding […]

Revised Directive Puts New Pressure on Device Industry

Last year’s Medical Device Directive (MEDDEV) for the European Union represents a significant update of a guidance that impacts wide swaths of industry, says Andrea Meyers, director of medical writing for Novella Clinical. Her comments came as part of her session at the ACRP 2017 Meeting & Expo in Seattle May 1. “There are a […]

Where is the Melding of Healthcare and Consumer Data Taking Us?

It would seem there are no easy answers to many of the questions raised when the motivations behind, and prospects for, combining healthcare and consumer data start being discussed in a research context. Presenting on “Melding Big Data: The Regulatory and Ethical Implications” April 30 at the ACRP 2017 Meeting & Expo in Seattle, James […]