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How Complion’s Regulatory and Document Management Platform helped South Texas Cardiovascular Consultants, PLLC’s Research Department reach new levels of efficiency

What drives an established and experienced clinical research site to completely transform the way they manage regulatory and trial documentation? For South Texas Cardiovascular Consultants, PLLC (STCC) it wasn’t just about paper, it was about what paper forced us to do.

The problem.

Serving patients from four different cardiology locations in the San Antonio area for over 20 years, we faced a range of challenges trying to manage documentation and processes across those locations. Accessing the regulatory binder at our clinic in Kerrville, TX, which is 70 miles away, meant constantly scanning and emailing files back and forth. We were essentially duplicating documents, which made it even more difficult to stay organized and maintain standardization.

We have also had to adapt to an everchanging industry with more electronic communications, forcing us to print more documents to maintain our regulatory binders across locations. We were working harder, not smarter.

Something had to change.

Realizing we didn’t have the resources to build something in-house, we needed a cost-effective system that allowed us to access our entire file system remotely. The ability to answer questions in realtime, respond to sponsor inquiries, file documents electronically, and quickly find documents would elevate our ability to provide better patient care.

After researching forums and talking with other sites, we decided that the Complion Regulatory and Document Management Platform was the best fit for us. In the Spring of 2016, we began implementation.

The outcome.

We decided a phase-in approach over the next three years would work best to begin using the system across our prospective studies. We hit the ground running, and it has drastically improved our efficiency.

With Complion, we store all our documents and correspondence in one centralized location. We can quickly find and share information across teams and locations without duplication. Maintaining organized and up-to-date files has never been easier.

More than a vendor, a partner to further growth.

Beyond the system, we are impressed with the people behind the product. The Complion team took the time to learn about our pain points and needs. They worked with us to make suggestions and develop workflows that we wouldn’t even have thought about. With their guidance, the system goes above and beyond simply replicating what we were doing with paper.

In addition to streamlining our processes, they helped connect us to others in the larger research community through educational webinars, events, and user forums. This has been fundamental to helping us grow our organization.

An easy decision, in hindsight.

We strongly believe that while a change like this can seem daunting, the benefits greatly outweigh the risk. Implementing Complion has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. It’s increased our productivity, cut costs, and allowed us to function at a higher level as a research site.

South Texas Cardiovascular Consultants, PLLC

Jodie Addington, RN, BA
Research Director
17 years Cardiac Research Experience

Susan Meier, RN, BSN,
Research Coordinator
8 years Cardiac Research Experience

Stephanie Cardenas, LVN,
Research Coordinator
4 years Cardiac Research Experience

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