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At PRA, our CRAs don’t just become experts at driving the data that brings safe drugs to market, they become experts at driving their career.

Few PRA employees know this better than Lee Lubertazzi. Starting her career as an in-house CRA, and then going through PRA’s BRIDGE program to become a CRA, Lee has always had a passion for data. “As a person who appreciates precision, I’ve always found data and chemistry fascinating. Exact science – that’s what I’m really great at.”

Realizing that she had a job that she loved and a growing family she adored, Lee wanted to find the perfect balance. She wanted to keep making a difference, keep getting safe drugs to market, and keep ensuring all the data our CRAs were diligently gathering was being used effectively. As PRA shifted to an adaptive monitoring model, Lee knew that her degrees in math and chemistry, her passion for precise science, and the technology and analysis skills she had mastered as a CRA would make her a perfect fit for a new role within the adaptive monitoring model – a clinical monitoring associate (CMA).

While it wasn’t a new concept, the idea of using site-experienced, highly skilled CMAs was new to the industry. Working remotely, the CMA would monitor sites, check on vendors, facilitate site communication, and analyze valuable data to enable more efficient and effective studies. Even though she knew she’d be taking a risk, Lee decided to take the leap to become PRA’s very first CMA.

And, if one person knows the role of a CMA at PRA, it’s Lee. That’s because she’s defining it.

Using a new approach to examine the data she was already using as a CRA and calling on the remote site communication skills she acquired as an in-house CRA, Lee has not only found success in her role as a CMA but has helped PRA grow the role to 20 CMAs throughout the company. Because of her translatable CRA skills and the dedicated support from her functional manager, Lee had a fluid transition to her new data-focused responsibilities.

She’s even helped to develop the tools, processes, and procedures for the group. She’s influencing change not only at PRA but our entire industry.

Through her move from CRA to CMA, Lee has never lost sight of what keeps her passionate. She knows how important it is to ask the right questions and gather good data for drug development. If drugs are approved that shouldn’t be, someone could get hurt. If drugs aren’t approved that should be, we miss out on the chance to make a positive impact on countless lives. For some people, the implications of good data are life altering. Lee’s attention to detail, site communication, and data analysis skills made her the perfect candidate to bring the CMA role to life and help it grow in our company. Lee’s own growth at PRA has made her a pioneer in this industry.

Learn more about driving your own career in clinical research and available opportunities at PRA by visiting our talent acquisition team at booth #205.