Revamps Website Logo

For the first time since 2012, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) is set to unveil major upgrades to its popular website. The website provides patients, family members, healthcare professionals, researchers, and the general public easy access to information on current and pending trials. As of May 25, it listed 245,000 clinical studies covering all 50 states and 200 countries.

The first wave of changes is slated for a June 19 rollout; the most significant updates should be completed by September, according to the NLM.

The upgrades are designed to improve the ability to search, display, and review information about clinical research studies registered with the website. allows users to search for studies by disease or condition; by drug, device, or other interventions (e.g., medical procedure); by recruitment status; by study location; and by many other study characteristics.

A beta preview site is available at

Author: Michael Causey