Tufts Findings Make Strong Case for Performance Analytics

Peter Malamis, CEO, CRO Analytics

Peter Malamis, CEO, CRO Analytics

A compelling case for utilizing service quality-based performance analytics to improve clinical trial performance is made in a recent article in Clinical Leader (Why Is Study Start-Up Still So Inefficient) highlighting the findings of the latest study out of the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development.

There are two primary reasons for the strength of the case being made.

First, areas associated with key findings of the study (at least those published in the article) track almost perfectly with the quality performance indicators identified in research done by ACRP and CRO Analytics. Technology, protocols, contracts/budgeting, and site communication/management were identified by both analyses as playing critically important roles.

Second, measuring performance in these areas requires more than simply knowing the units of time and quantity tracked by operational metrics. This becomes obvious as the Tufts study researchers discuss how the findings demonstrate the lack of progress in trial performance, despite years of new initiatives and technologies. In fact, study author Ken Getz acknowledges, “It’s difficult to understand why there is so much variation and why there are so many inefficiencies and delays. That was the impetus behind this [research].”

Service quality assessments get at the underlying performance driving traditional operational metrics. Think of operational metrics as the symptom, and performance analytics through service quality measurement as the diagnosis.

The article is an important addition to the well-established viewpoint that overall improvement in Phase I-IV clinical research remains an elusive objective. It is also further evidence that clinical trials are fertile ground for the insights available from performance analytics.

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Author: Peter Malamis, Guest Blogger and CEO, CRO Analytics