TJ Sharpe

Cancer Survivor Calls for New Ways to Promote Trial Participation

“I’d be surprised if your husband was here in two years,” the doctor told T.J. Sharpe’s wife after his surgery for stage IV melanoma. That was five years ago next month. Clinical trial practitioners have played a key role in helping Sharpe beat the odds, he says. “You and I can’t cure cancer, but we […]

Executive Summit Attendees

Putting Feedback into Action to Address Industry Challenges

Industry thought leaders and decision makers discussed the most pressing challenges facing clinical trial operations at the 4th Annual ACRP Executive Summit in Seattle, WA, April 30, in conjunction with the ACRP 2017 Meeting & Expo. Summit participants discussed challenges related to outsourcing, protocol complexity, relationships between sites and sponsors/CROs, and the forces shaping the […]

Jim Kremidas, ACRP Executive Director

Three Questions: Jim Kremidas, ACRP

In a recent executive profile published by CWWeekly (July 10, 2017), ACRP Executive Director Jim Kremidas discussed variance in clinical trial quality resulting from a lack of standardized, industry-wide approaches to identifying, hiring, training, and assessing the clinical research workforce. “We need to have an industry-wide initiative, which would include sponsors, CROs, regulatory agencies and […]

Marti Arvin, Vice President of Audit Strategy, Cynergistek

Are Researchers Keeping Pace with Wearable Device Privacy Regulations?

Regulations aren’t keeping pace with technology when it comes to security and privacy issues and wearable medical data devices, and that can spell trouble for researchers in clinical trials, warns Marti Arvin, vice president of audit strategy with Cynergistek and a former chief compliance officer for an academic research center. It isn’t as if researchers […]