PRA: It’s not a corporation, it’s a community

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At PRA, “remote” doesn’t mean alone.

We’re a global organization of more than 13,000 people. Many employees work in our offices around the world, but many others make up a special group – our remote employees. For some people, the thought of being a remote employee is daunting. It’s easy to feel isolated and not part of a community. At PRA, we’re working to change that.

Remote workers are often only engaged if they live near an office. There’s no opportunity to meet new people by the coffee maker or to get to know someone based on how they’ve decorated their cubicle. That’s not how we do things at PRA. As a company, we understand the importance of creating relationships not just from behind a computer screen or on the other end of an e-mail. Even more, so do our employees.

We want each employee to be a fully engaged and valued member of the PRA team and embracing the spirit of what it means to be part of PRA. But, large corporate events can be uncomfortable for remote employees when everyone else seems to already know one another. So, our employees are coming together for smaller, informal, micro-community events where they can meet other PRA employees in their area. Remote employees can connect and build camaraderie with the coworkers they may not have the opportunity to meet otherwise. These micro-community events, happening in various cities across the U.S., bring some of our remote employees together to connect and build relationships.

Our PRA community spans the globe, and we’re making sure that every single employee feels like an important part of it.

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