Editor-in-Chief’s Message: A New Direction for an Old Publication

Michael Causey, ACRP Editor-In-Chief

Michael Causey, ACRP Editor-In-Chief

Clinical Researcher—December 2017 (Volume 31, Issue 6)

James Michael Causey

[DOI: 10.14524/CR-17-4049]

What you are probably not holding in your hand is the first issue of the new digital-only Clinical Researcher. It’s an exciting new direction for a publication that has existed (in different formats and originally with a different name) since 1988, and I want to take a moment to share our thinking behind it.

After surveying readers for their opinions and exploring the most effective ways to present the strongest content possible, we concluded that a bi-monthly, paper-based publication simply wasn’t meeting the needs of ACRP members.

By shifting to a digital publication, we’ll be able to devote more resources to further improving the quality of our peer-reviewed articles and insightful columns. In addition, we’ll be able to provide substantive feature pieces that will deliver the latest in best practices and innovations from the thought leaders of clinical research.

Better still, you’ll now receive 10 issues each year instead of six. That also means you’ll have the opportunity to secure 20 home study credits through the publication each year (2 credits per issue starting with the January 2018 issue), up from what had been 18 credits for many years.

We’re making these changes to improve our content by making it more timely, interactive, and responsive to your information needs. You’ll be able to click live weblinks within articles to direct you to additional content and resources, bonus interviews, and the means to directly contact authors.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you with story ideas and your thoughts about our new direction. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at (703) 253-6274 or mcausey@acrpnet.org.

James Michael Causey is Editor-in-Chief for ACRP.