IQVIA: Heralding the Era of Human Data Science



It’s an exciting time in healthcare. We now live in a world of bionic eyes and pills made from 3D printing. We are seeing technology advance health every day, providing a glimpse of the potential ahead of us. Sharing this vision, we at IQVIA are exploring a new discipline—Human Data Science—to bring together the advances in data science with the possibilities of human science to improve health.

Human Science, Meet Data Science

Data science may be the key to answering the most fundamental question in healthcare: How do we know what works? Today, decisions are based on averages—average patients, average dosages, average compliance. Tomorrow’s decisions can be based on an individual’s specific characteristics, and that is possible by marrying deep clinical expertise, capabilities, and curiosity with the wealth of information to:

  • Deepen our understanding of diseases.
  • Bring new treatments to patients faster.
  • Connect stakeholders to improve care for each person, each time.

Human Power Behind Data Science

Even with the greatest technologies and most robust data, domain expertise is the critical link—expertise to deal with the complexity and lack of uniformity of human data to capture, link, and visualize it. Further, to bring understanding in an industry without universally accepted terms nor common data models, and to the humans making decisions to better support those decisions.

The Time for Human Data Science Has Arrived

Our industry has been hoping for a more effective healthcare system to focus on value and outcomes, and to improve health. It is time to talk about the potential of Human Data Science to accelerate those efforts and drive healthcare forward™.

To read more about IQVIA’s leadership in defining and accelerating Human Data Science, see our full article in the latest issue of AccessPoint.