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A serious medical diagnosis is frightening for anyone at any age. But for a child—and her family—it can be a confusing time when typical childhood pursuits and carefree fun are sidelined and replaced with endless medical procedures and complex equipment.

Laura Bienkowski’s sister, Sami, was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma at the age of 15. Then, four years after starting that battle, Sami herself was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma, a rare cancer found in bone or the soft tissue surrounding the bone.

Sami and patients like her are the reason why we do what we do at PRA.

After almost a decade—during which Sami had two relapses—traditional options were exhausted, leaving clinical trials as her primary course of treatment.

Laura and Sami Bienkowski
Laura and Sami Bienkowski

Over time, Sami’s treatment has grown more complicated, but the Bienkowski family has seen great improvements in “normalizing” treatment as much as possible. With advances in technology, social media, and increased efforts from providers, treatment has changed exponentially. But as time, technology, and treatment change, the Bienkowskis have adapted so that no matter what, Sami never faces any of it alone.

At PRA, we’re in it with them. We’ve helped bring 15 oncology drugs to market. We lead the industry in advancing evidence-based approaches for the successful start-up and conduct of clinical trials. Leveraging evidence-based technology, we target the appropriate geographic areas for oncology prevalence and identify a targeted list of oncology/hematology investigators with the highest likelihood of accrual.

“Our global footprint in traditional markets as well as emerging markets allows us to enroll patients rapidly in oncology trials. This enables us to bring our clients’ products to market in a cost-effective way while optimizing time and money during the drug development process.” – Dr. Ute Berger, Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs

Seventy percent of our medical directors, 80% of our CRAs, 85% of our project managers, and 85% of our clinical team managers all have experience in oncology/hematology. We fight every day to further oncology research and get drugs into the hands of patients who need them most.

We’re changing patient lives around the world through oncology research. Explore our open positions, and come be a part of it.

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