Greets 2018 With New User-Friendly Features

After several months of beta tests and processing user input, begins the new year with more local search functions, a new glossary feature, and reconfigured study record pages.

Notably, the homepage provides users with ways to better focus searches (e.g., by limiting a search to studies designed to recruit participants in the future as opposed to studies currently seeking patients). In addition, results can be filtered to within the range of a specified city, making it easier for potential participants to find open and accessible clinical trials.

Users can expect additional changes throughout 2018, according to the National Library of Medicine (NLM), which maintains the online database. Much of the functionality was available in public beta testing in late 2017. Updates will be identified on a What’s New page.

Users can leverage the glossary to look up frequently used terms and definitions without being forced to leave the page. NLM advised sponsors and investigators to continue to refer to the Data Element Definitions documents for the items required during submissions.

NLM also added a tab that allows users to track the quality control review process conducted by its staff. It’s important to remember, however, that information submitted by sponsors and investigators won’t be posted until errors, deficiencies, or inconsistencies have been rectified.

Author: Michael Causey