Sites Without Education Programs Risk Being Left Behind

Bridget Gonzales, CCRC, Consultant, Medix

Bridget Gonzales, CCRC, Consultant, Medix

Sites are tossing away a powerful competitive advantage and employee retention tool by neglecting their clinical research education programs, says Bridget Gonzales, CCRC, a consultant with Medix. Education programs too often are “overlooked” because they aren’t an overt revenue stream, she adds.

According to Gonzales, the true benefits are perhaps a bit subtler, but no less valuable. There are benefits to having an educated team on a number of levels. “It helps with employee engagement. It helps with selling your site,” she says. “Sponsors and contract research organizations love to see that a site has a training program and education program.”

It’s time for clinical researchers to enjoy the benefits of savvy, multi-layered education programs. Clinical trial training programs require a significant overhaul to keep pace with the growing demands of the job, say several members of the Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency (JTF).

Clinical research has become a profession,” says Stephen Sonstein, PhD, director of Clinical Research Administration at Eastern Michigan University. “It’s no longer just a task,” he adds.

Simply put: Clinical research programs must keep pace with new and increasing demands on clinical researchers.

Developing a Clinical Research Education Program and Implementation Issues to Consider – At ACRP 2018 in April, Gonzales will be joined by Joshua Fedewa, MS, CIP, associate director of the Human Research Projections Program at UT Southwestern Medical Center, and Molly Downhour, MHA, BSN, NEA-BC, OCN, CCRC, director of Strategic Solutions for Medix. They’ll present a two-part interactive session in which attendees will emerge with tangible tools, and not empty theory. “We’ll be offering specific tools that attendees can go back their offices after the session and implement,” Gonzales says. View Session Details

ACRP 2018

However, clinical research education programs won’t do a site much good unless they’ve taken the time and effort to do it right, Gonzales says. There’s a payoff at the end, but it takes some work on the front end. “There’s not a one-size-fits-all [situation]; you need to know how to cater it to your team,” she says.

Author: Michael Causey