ACRP/Avoca Quality Congress Has a Critical Role in Shaping Tomorrow’s Clinical Trial Landscape

Jim Kremidas, ACRP Executive Director

Jim Kremidas, ACRP Executive Director

Innovations intended to improve efficiency, timeliness, and cost effectiveness in clinical research that are developed at the sponsor and contract research organization (CRO) level are a doing a good job, but their desired effects could be amplified if study sites are given a seat at the planning table, according to ACRP Executive Director Jim Kremidas.

“It’s time to bring the sites into the discussion,” he says. “The site perspective is critical to advancing a standardized workflow throughout the entire clinical trial chain.”

Working with The Avoca Group, ACRP is launching the 2018 Quality Congress at its annual conference on April 27. The day-long event is designed to bring together, for the first time, sites, sponsors, and CROs in a collaborative environment to come up with actionable steps and usable tools to enhance the delivery of quality research.

“No one knows better than sites how they run their business,” Kremidas says. “This is their chance to make certain their voices are heard and to shape the clinical trial landscape of tomorrow.”

“It’s time to bring the sites into the discussion. The site perspective is critical to advancing a standardized workflow throughout the entire clinical trial chain.”

Standardizing workflow will offer several benefits, Kremidas adds, including improved trial planning and quality outcomes. “With their unique expertise, site leaders will be among the drivers of workforce innovation,” he says.

While sponsors and CROs are well-intentioned when offering new tools and operational ideas to sites, it’s up to sites to get involved early enough in the process so they can help CROs and sponsors see the difference between a truly helpful new idea, and a misguided concept that ends up being more disruptive than beneficial.

The Avoca Group, whose clients include top five pharmaceutical companies and global CROs, advocates the continuous improvement of outsourced clinical research. In 2011, the Avoca Quality Consortium (AQC), a pre-competitive collaborative, was formed. Members include more than 80 pharma, biotech, and clinical service providers.

Author: Michael Causey

2018 Quality Congress Details

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