Chair’s Message: An “In the Trenches” Perspective on the Clinical Research Enterprise

Clinical Researcher—February 2018 (Volume 32, Issue 2) Kathryn Kimmel, CCRC, CCRA, ACRP-CP, FACRP [DOI: 10.14524/CR-18-4014] ACRP’s 2018 Association Board of Trustees (ABoT) Chair Kathryn Kimmel is excited about her new role helping members and potential members learn more about how the Association can advance their careers and the quality of clinical research. On a personal […]

Beyond #Buzzwords: How wearables and devices can transform clinical trial execution

SPECIAL ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT In December, we introduced a new discipline to the world: Human Data Science. A way to realize the future of human health by bringing together the advances in data science with the possibilities of human science. Human Data Science helps us think differently about the future of healthcare. What happens when we […]

Beth Harper, ACRP Workforce Innovation Officer

Q&A: A New Approach to Improving Clinical Research Workforce Guidelines

ACRP’s Workforce Innovation Officer Beth Harper is committed to moving competency in clinical trial research from blackboard theory to roll-up-your-sleeves practice. ACRP’s Editor-in-Chief recently sat down with Harper to learn about the latest developments. Q: How did you approach the development of the recently released Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) guidelines, and what’s different in them […]

Clare Grace headshot

Identifying New Ways to Increase Participation in Clinical Trials

Improving patient and physician participation in clinical research has long been a challenge for both researchers and healthcare professionals. To provide greater access to new treatment options and improve patient health, it’s time to consider new ways to bridge clinical research and clinical healthcare.  One tactic is to promote and propel clinical research by leveraging community […]