Site-Oriented Clinical Kits: The success of a study begins at the point of collection


One of the primary challenges in conducting clinical trials, especially trials in multiple countries, is the collection and logistics of biological samples. As clinical trials become increasingly complex, sponsors and CROs must find ways to streamline operations to unburden sites and their investigators and keep the focus on the patients. Among the key considerations in this process are:

  • Correct collection and management of specimens
  • Sample quality and integrity
  • Clear SOPs for collection, preparation and shipment of samples
  • Sample tracking
  • Access to consolidated data and comprehensive reports
  • Sample integrity with temperature-sensitive transportation and storage of samples
  • Seamless coordination and logistics of complex samples

The importance of doing it right

Possibly in no other area of clinical research does the saying, “do it right the first time,” apply more directly than in sample collection. It’s much less costly and disruptive to prevent errors at the point of collection than to resolve problems later in the process. To ensure each sample’s integrity, LabConnect prelabels its collection tubes, dramatically reducing the risk of a mislabeled tube and a cancelled sample, which in turn, may lead to the loss of a subject and easily jeopardize the success of the entire study.

Comprehensive sample management creates a lot of responsibility for clinical research teams that must handle the myriad details of managing and conducting a clinical trial. When expectations are not met, problems in any one area can impact the entire study, resulting in delays, inaccurate data, inefficient operations, lost time and money.

Optimizing the sample collection and shipping process

LabConnect understands the required operations and optimizes the sample collection and shipping process for clinical research teams in a user-friendly manner that streamlines studies and results in unsurpassed site satisfaction. LabConnect delivers custom kits directly to the site, with collection materials that are prelabeled and packed in the order of use. Shipping containers are also prelabeled and ready to go with detailed instructions in an enclosed manual.

Careful attention to detail and dedication to providing sites with quality service and a simplified process is why LabConnect was recently named “best choice” in the following categories in a recent survey of over 500 clinical research site professionals:

  • Clinical lab kits
  • Study training and manuals
  • Lab requisition forms
  • Courier service
  • Lab reports
  • Client service staff
  • Overall service

Get the full story
Using LabConnect’s custom clinical kits, research professionals efficiently and effectively manage biospecimens at investigator sites while ensuring samples are properly managed from collection through logistics and into long-term biostorage. To learn more about our services, visit, or call us at 1.206.322.4680.

Founded in 2002, LabConnect provides global central laboratory services including routine and esoteric laboratory testing, kit building, sample management, biorepository and scientific support services for biopharmaceutical and CRO clients. LabConnect’s unique combination of state-of-the-art technology, world-class laboratories, easy access to emerging markets and extensive specialized testing expertise means the drug development industry can rely on a single provider for all their central laboratory service needs.