Clinical Trial Professionals Should Wear Their ‘Halo’ Proudly

Shirley Trainor-Thomas, MHSA, Chief Strategy Officer, eNRE

Shirley Trainor-Thomas, MHSA, Chief Strategy Officer, eNRE

You’re a healthcare angel and your clinical trial work has a “halo effect” on your entire organization. It’s not bragging. It’s a fact.

Your next assignment: Make sure others – especially top brass – know it, too.

“What you do benefits your organization in so many ways,” Shirley Trainor-Thomas, chief strategy officer at eNRE, told attendees of the ACRP 2018 meeting at the Gaylord Hotel National Resort & Convention Center just outside Washington, D.C. She’s also on the Editorial Advisory Board of Clinical Researcher, the flagship publication of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals.

To provide evidence a clinical trial practitioner can take back to the office, she cited a 2012 survey that found:

  • Nearly 90% of respondents perceive that a clinical research program is associated with a higher tech/innovative community hospital.
  • Nearly 80% of respondents indicated that participation in research is an important factor to consider when choosing a physician.
  • Just over 80% of respondents feel the presence of research is a significant consideration when choosing a hospital.

The survey of 1,300 people was conducted by Neathhawk, Dubuque & Packett, a healthcare marketing firm.

Want more data to show the boss? She cited a number of resources that spell out three important value-adds clinical trial practitioners provide to an organization:

  • Financial value: Increasing ancillary service volume. Creating donor opportunities. Minimizing patient outmigration. Attracting new patients. Producing new revenue streams and/or enhance others. “This is one that will get their attention,” Trainor-Thomas told attendees.
  • Quality value: Saving lives. Improving community health.
  • Strategic value: Providing cutting-edge therapies. Strengthening physician recruitment and retention. Increasing market share. Enhancing the organization’s image and reputation.

In case the boss needs a little more proof, check out our blog about the value of clinical research coordinators (CRCs) in precision clinical trials.

Author: Michael Causey