ACRP to Bolster Entry-Level CRC Workforce Development through Competency-Based Hiring Guidelines

Jim Kremidas, ACRP Executive Director

Jim Kremidas, ACRP Executive Director

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) today announces a new initiative to create the clinical research industry’s first comprehensive set of competency-based guidelines for hiring clinical research coordinators (CRCs).

“Variance is the enemy of quality. The ad hoc manner in which we hire and train CRCs is failing to improve quality in clinical research conduct,” says Jim Kremidas, ACRP Executive Director. “By providing industry with standardized hiring guidelines, we hope to equip hiring managers with the resources necessary to more efficiently and effectively build tomorrow’s workforce, reduce turnover, and improve clinical trial quality.”

The guidelines will be based on ACRP’s Core Competency Guidelines for Clinical Research Coordinators announced in January. These groundbreaking guidelines provide a comprehensive roadmap by which individuals and organizations can support the hiring, assessment, and development of entry-level through senior CRCs.

“This new initiative is a natural extension of our work in defining competency standards for CRCs,” says Beth Harper, ACRP’s Workforce Innovation Officer. “By equipping site leadership with hiring guidelines for entry-level CRCs, we are continuing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials by moving competency in our industry from theory to practice.”

Development of the hiring guidelines will be conducted by a task force of the multi-stakeholder ACRP Workforce Innovation Steering Committee.

The task force will be charged with, among other activities:

  • Creating job profiles based on the prioritized competencies required of entry-level CRCs
  • Determining methods (behavioral and structured interviews, tests, simulation or organizational activities, for example) and objective scoring criteria to evaluate prioritized competencies.
  • Creating behavioral interview questions based on a competency-based question bank.

If you are interested in contributing to this initiative and joining the task force, please contact Beth Harper, ACRP’s Workforce Innovation Officer, at

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