Anne-Marie Hess, Senior Strategic Advisor and Market Intelligence Director, SCORR Marketing

Doctors, Relatives Key Influencers When Patients Mull Trial Participation

A new survey of nearly 4,000 clinical trial participants says their doctors and family members have the most important influence on their decisions about joining trials. “Family members or friends are often important influencers, and about half of the respondents wanted to hear about the clinical trial experience from patients that have already participated […]

Hiring Guidelines for Entry Level CRCs

ACRP Releases Hiring Guidelines for Entry-Level Clinical Research Coordinators

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) today released the clinical research industry’s first comprehensive set of competency-based guidelines for hiring entry-level clinical research coordinators (CRCs). The guidance document – developed by a task force of the multi-stakeholder ACRP Workforce Innovation Steering Committee – provides best practices from industry experts to assist with:

  • Reducing […]

PIs Struggle With ‘One and Done’ Phenomenon

Principal investigators (PIs) who dip one toe into conducting clinical trials with dreams of easy, new money streams are often in for a rude awakening. Studies have demonstrated a large—and growing—percentage of PIs join the so-called “One and Done” club, whose members are PIs who get involved in a trial, find the experience overwhelming, and […]