Clinical Trial Managers Grapple with Complex Expectations

Firefighters and other first responders are a critical component of a town’s safety infrastructure. When life and property are threatened, it is these brave professionals who meet the current crisis head on. At the other end of the spectrum, visionaries and builders are also a key foundation of a town. Developers of new structures provide the building blocks for expansion. Guess which category most clinical trial managers are forced into? “They are usually super-busy, primarily in the weeds—and often-times consumed by tactical challenges [such as] problems with specific site initiations, database issues, other study logistics,” says Dalfoni Banerjee, principal consultant and CEO of 3Sixty Pharma Solutions. In other words, most of these managers spend their days “putting out fires” without time to “consider work from a birds-eye view,” she adds. Part of the problem is the perceived skillset required of clinical trial managers. “Whereas scientific acumen is usually a prerequisite … Continue reading Clinical Trial Managers Grapple with Complex Expectations