Are You Ready for Seismic Shifts in the CRA Workforce?

Is the clinical research associate (CRA) workforce on the cusp of a big shift? The short answer is yes, leading experts predict. “The pathways to electronically sourcing study data (eSource) and reducing or even eliminating redundant data are going to create an exciting future for CRAs,” says Craig Lipset, an advisor at multiple startups and […]

Leveraging Technology to Improve Monitoring in Clinical Trials: How the right technology impacts the quality and efficiency of clinical trial monitoring

PAID MESSAGE – There’s no denying that Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) work with a lot of data. In their daily work of monitoring and reviewing clinical studies, they must evaluate information from multiple sources to verify its integrity and observe potential risks to the trial or timeline. The right technology makes a measurable difference in […]

Savvy CRCs Make Task Prioritization a Priority

Since leaving the practice of research nursing, I’ve had time to reflect on the number of tasks required in a day which are vitally important when conducting successful research. If forming a list, needless to say it would be lengthy, yet I believe we often prioritize using an older hierarchy rather than prioritizing differently—by using […]

Utilization of Real-World Data to Enhance Recruitment and Retention of Clinical Research Participants

Clinical Researcher—August 2019 (Volume 33, Issue 7) PEER REVIEWED Patrick Sturges, MS, CCRP   The success of a clinical trial depends on a myriad of factors, but none is more important than the clinical research participants. Optimized patient participation, achieved with effective recruitment and retention planning, is a key component to any successful clinical trial. […]