Hartwick College Joins ACRP Partners in Workforce Advancement

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) welcomes Hartwick College as a Workforce Champion member of the Partners in Workforce Advancement.

Partners in Workforce Advancement is a multi-stakeholder collaborative initiative to grow the clinical research workforce and to set and support standards for workforce competence.

“Organizations aligned with ACRP’s mission are working together to improve clinical trial quality and outcomes for patients by focusing where others have not – workforce planning, development, and assessment. Why? Because in clinical research, people are everything,” says Jim Kremidas, ACRP Executive Director. “We are thankful for the support of Hartwick College and look forward to working together to overcome these critical challenges.”

Partners in Workforce Advancement members—who now include more than 25 sponsors, CROs, investigator sites, academic institutions, regulatory agencies, and more—provide strategic direction and support for initiatives to grow the workforce and to define, align, and validate competence standards.

“Our approach to advancing scientific innovation into clinical application relies on a new blend of competencies,” said Professor of Translational Biomedical Research Management & Founding Program Director Alice Ceacareanu. “We seek to produce individuals with refined skills for interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. Pioneering this uncharted territory involves exceptional adaptation versatility and critical thinking, as well as building bridges where there are none. Becoming a Workforce Champion member of the Partners in Workforce Advancement furthers our mission to not only develop skilled scientists but ensure they will have opportunities to make an immediate impact in clinical research.”

Growing the Workforce

The demand for clinical trials is growing faster than the pool of clinical research professionals, threatening the quality of trials and undermining attempts to bring more innovative treatments and therapies to patients.

“Organizations employing clinical research professionals of all types agree—the first step in creating a diverse and sustainable talent pool is to ensure that healthcare and life sciences students are aware of clinical research as a career option,” Kremidas adds.

In response to this critical challenge, ACRP’s Partners in Workforce Advancement in January 2020 launched ‘Find Your Element’—a digital advertising campaign to raise awareness of the clinical research profession among college students.

The campaign is piloting at several colleges and universities in Research Triangle Park and Miami, and is anticipated to expand awareness of clinical research as a profession among nearly 400,000 college students in the pilot phase alone.

Featuring advertising creative in both English and Spanish, the campaign highlights key reasons students can “find their element” in clinical research.

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Define, Align & Validate Competence Standards

Workforce planning, development, and assessment is imperative to the existence, quality, and efficiency of clinical research—yet, it has been largely overlooked as industry focuses instead on the important initiatives to improve quality and efficiency through process and technology innovation.

“Industry’s current approach is not sustainable. Consequently, we are seeing excellent developments in process improvement and technology/data tools. However, they can only be productive if we have a diverse and competent workforce using them,” Kremidas says.  “It must be a priority today to ensure the stability of the clinical research enterprise in the future and the continued development of new drugs, devices, and therapies.”

In response to this critical challenge, ACRP’s Partners in Workforce Advancement are developing and promoting the needed workforce standards to improve quality and respond to changes occurring in the clinical research enterprise.

To date, ACRPs Partners in Workforce Advancement have produced the following competency guidelines and resources:

How to Get Involved

ACRP’s Partners in Workforce Advancement drive strategic direction of the clinical research workforce, receive solutions to workforce challenges, and gain premium industry recognition.

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About Hartwick College

Hartwick College is a private liberal arts and sciences college of 1,200 students, located in Oneonta, NY, in the northern foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Hartwick’s expansive curriculum emphasizes an experiential approach to the liberal arts. Through personalized teaching, collaborative research, a distinctive January Term, a wide range of internships, and vast study-abroad opportunities, Hartwick ensures that students are prepared for not just their first jobs, but for the world ahead. Our Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program and the accelerated 4+1 sequence towards an advanced degree keep a Hartwick education affordable.