Statement on Inequality and Racism

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals stands together with those in opposition to inequality and systemic racism in all its forms.

We recognize the presence of inequality and systemic racism in the history of clinical research, and its lasting impact on clinical trial participation in marginalized communities.

We are committed to a better future and are taking the following actions.

Amplifying Voices and Increasing Diversity

We are committed to amplifying marginalized voices and increasing diversity. We will remain committed to increasing diversity in the clinical research workforce. This is a key component of our focus with the Partners in Workforce Advancement (PWA). Also, through our publications and educational programming, we will share diverse perspectives and voices in clinical research.

Educating and Remembering

The Tuskegee Experiment. Henrietta Lacks. Medical experiments at Nuremberg. These are more than case studies in clinical research ethics – they are proof of the prevalence of inequality and racism in injustices that were carried out in the name of medical research. To educate and remember, we are providing open access to educational programming that sheds light on the important steps that have been taken to prevent a repeat of those chapters in the history of medical research (also see: Declaration of Helsinki; The Belmont Report).

Looking Inward and Listening

We are talking with our volunteers and staff about concrete actions we can take to be an even more inclusive organization. ACRP has a rich history of diversity and inclusion, but we are committed to further progress and to be the best organization we can in service to our members, the clinical research workforce, and the healthcare of all people across the globe.