FDA Commissioner Affirms Transparency for COVID-19 Emergency Use Authorizations

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) drug and biological product centers intend, to the extent appropriate and permitted by law, to publicly post their reviews of the scientific data and information supporting the issuance, revision, or revocation of Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) for all drug and biological products, including vaccines, as part of the […]

Experts Share Lessons Learned in Rapid Study Start-up

Exciting news about potential COVID-19 vaccines in recent days serves as a reminder of how admirably the clinical trial industry has risen to the challenge of battling a worldwide health crisis. From rolling up collective sleeves and putting in long hours of research, to being open to new ways of conducting trials and harnessing technologies, […]

ACRPtv―Spotlight On… The Competitive Advantage of Diversity

Featuring Otis Johnson, PhD, MPA, Vice President and Product Line Executive, ERT The moral and ethical case for further diversifying the patient population and clinical trial workforce are crystal clear. However, there are also compelling reasons to do so from a competitive standpoint, as Otis Johnson explains in our November 11, 2020 conversation. Johnson shares […]