ACRP Launches Diversity Advisory Council

Council to Help Grow Workforce Diversity in the Clinical Research Profession

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) today announced the formation of its Diversity Advisory Council. The council will help ACRP reinforce the need for greater diversity in the clinical trial workforce to help encourage more diversity in the clinical research profession.

The Diversity Advisory Council will recommend strategies to recruit and retain clinical research professionals and students from historically underrepresented groups with the goal to enhance the quality of the existing workforce, as well as improve the overall climate of inclusivity, communication and cultural understanding across the field.

“Developing a larger, more diverse workforce is imperative to the existence, quality and efficiency of clinical research,” said Jim Kremidas, executive director of ACRP. “By attracting more diverse clinical professionals, we hope to increase the number of clinical trial participants from underrepresented populations who have little trust in clinical research. The COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic clinical trials demonstrate the clear need for more diversity in clinical trials and the clinical research profession.”

The council includes seven members across the pharmaceutical industry, contract research organizations, clinical research sites and advocacy groups. The Diversity Advisory Council will provide valuable guidance for ACRP on recruitment and retention efforts for its Partners in Workforce Advancement group focused on expanding the clinical research workforce and setting and supporting standards for workforce competence. It will advise on diversity and inclusion in the workplace and provide recommendations and strategies on culture, climate, equity, inclusion and workplace needs.

This initiative is part of ACRP’s larger effort to grow a more diverse workforce to help make clinical trials more representative of the patient population. Through its “Find Your Element” campaign, ACRP is reaching college students, including diverse and multicultural students to grow interest in and awareness of the clinical research profession among college students. The campaign has reached more than 22 million people and generated more than 131,000 visits to the “Find Your Element” website where students can learn more about a career in clinical research.


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