How are You ‘GOing for it’ in Clinical Research?

Whatever their role at an Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) annual conference may be, attendees are never merely the recipients of inspiration from the range of people they encounter there—each one of them can spark new ideas, understandings, and motivations in others, whether they go as learners, volunteers, exhibitors, presenters, or event organizers. 

For example, inspiration tied to “Raising awareness of clinical research as a rewarding career,” “Connecting with leaders to increase diversity,” and “Embracing the journey for growth.” 

On a display board in the lobby at the recent four-day ACRP 2024 gathering in Anaheim, Calif., those were among the sentiments shared on notes left under the heading of “HOW ARE YOU GOING FOR IT?” by thoughtful professionals with their nearly 1,400 fellow attendees at the energetic and successful event. 

Many other responses were filled out on provided sticky notes that began with an “I’m GOing For It By” prompt, including these wise words: 

  • Coming to ACRP 2024 to learn, grow, and hopefully give back soon 
  • Learning from my fellow coordinators and getting involved in my local ACRP Chapter 
  • Promoting certification and professionalism of clinical research 
  • Expanding access to community-based oncology clinical trials 
  • Meeting TONS of new people in Anaheim 
  • Getting involved or starting workgroups and initiatives 
  • Networking, contributing, and laughing 
  • Creating a training and apprentice program for aspiring clinical research professionals 
  • Encouraging my team to think outside the box to approach research-related solutions and to modernize our clinical trials 
  • Connecting with new and known colleagues to share expertise and inspiration 
  • Educating others about clinical research and the importance of our work 
  • Changing what’s possible! 
  • Presenting at ACRP 2024 and stepping out of my comfort zone 
  • Informing and educating my community about clinical trials 
  • Increasing skills in areas critical to my organization’s success
  • Sharing the benefits of hiring people with disabilities on clinical research teams
  • Starting my own research development company!
  • Seeking out training and learning opportunities to become a better clinical researcher
  • Inspiring the next generation of researchers and growing connections
  • Embracing new technologies in research without losing the human touch
  • Making more people aware of research studies that could benefit them and others
  • Raising awareness of research staff support and dedication “behind the scenes”
  • Creating exceptional educational content
  • Growing my network and introducing the clinical research workforce to a new generation
  • Obtaining my ACRP Certification in 2024!
  • Finding new sponsors to expand our site’s study list
  • Absorbing all the latest information and recertifying as a Certified Clinical Research Associate
  • Taking an ACRP class for contact hours and connection once a month
  • Educating myself to become a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Increasing my knowledge base in multiple areas of clinical research that go beyond my duties. I never want to stop learning! 

Feeling inspired yet? The deadline to submit a proposal to present at ACRP 2025 in New Orleans, La., is June 17, 2024. You can learn more about individual membership in ACRP here, organization membership here, careers here, certification here, other learning opportunities here, and volunteering here. GO for it! 

Edited by Gary Cramer