The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Academy Nominating Committee

The Academy Nominating Committee holds responsibility for leading the recruitment process for qualified candidates that address the current needs of the Academy, thoroughly reviewing and scoring each candidate’s application, and submitting a recommended slate of candidates for Board approval. For information on the Academy’s Nominating Committee’s goals, objectives, key responsibilities, and meeting schedule, please refer to the Committee Charge below.

Current Academy Nominating Committee Members

Linda Hunt, MSc, CCRA
Linda Hunt Clinical Research Consultant Inc.
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Term 2/Year 2

Frank S. Ong, MD, CPI
(Vice Chair)

Head of Clinical Science and Operations
Guardant Health
La Jolla, CA
Term 2 / Year 2

Robert Greco, BS, RPh, MPH, CCRA, ACRP-CP, FACRP
(Academy Board Liaison)

Manager of Monitoring
Bayer, US
Piscataway, NJ
1-year term

Dionne Howe, CCRA
Project Manager
Syneos Health
Highland Park, NJ
Term 2 / Year 1

Kristin Smedley
Ex-officio, Academy Board Public Member
1-year term

Susan Warne, LVN, CCRC
Somerville, TX
1-year term
Ex-officio, Academy Past Chair

Academy Nominating Committee Charge

The Academy Nominating Committee holds responsibility for leading the recruitment process for qualified candidates that address the current needs of the Academy, thoroughly reviewing and scoring each candidate’s application, and submitting a recommended slate of candidates for Board approval.

Global Goals and Objectives
Committee members ensure that potential candidates are equipped with information about the Academy to guide their decision about running for office, by making available the following resources:

  • Handbook for Academy Board of Trustee Candidates (describes the roles, responsibilities, and time commitments of each leadership position and the Board as a whole).
  • Academy Board of Trustees Candidate Application (includes scoring criteria for each section of the application, i.e., philosophy statement, experience in clinical research, management experience, educational experience, organizational leadership experience, and leadership characteristics).

The committee will conduct a Professional Expertise Assessment Survey to determine a list of desired expertise to complement skills and professional competencies. The Committee will use this expertise to review and rate each candidate, using the Academy Candidate Application and scoring tool. Committee members will select a slate of individuals from the pool of nominated candidates. One individual will be selected for each vacancy that will occur on the Academy Board at the end of that particular calendar year; including a list of remaining candidates as ranked alternates to be used for any additional unexpected vacancies on the Board or potential participation in other volunteer roles. It is vital that the committee ensures the composition of the new Academy Board is consistent with Academy Bylaws and reflects the current make-up of the membership.

The scope of authority for the Nominating Committee is to provide a recommended slate of candidates for Academy Board approval.

The ballot for electing the approved slate of candidates shall be delivered to the Academy membership (current certificants in good standing) via email, mail or any other delivery means permitted by the Virginia Nonprofit Corporation Act. The membership shall have the opportunity to vote in favor of or against the proposed slate of candidates. In the event that the membership does not vote in favor of the recommended slate, a new slate will be provided by the Nominating Committee from the list of alternates, to be approved by the Academy Board and then voted on by the membership.

It is critical that committee members have sufficient time to dedicate to participate in and contribute to committee activities.

Meeting Schedule:
The Nominating Committee may meet via teleconference to complete the following tasks:

  • organizational meeting and new member orientation
  • review and approve final Board Candidate/Nomination Materials
  • review board composition results and review nominee applications
  • select and interview candidates
  • develop final slate,
  • review committee charge for next year and committee nominations applications
  • receive update on following year’s slate and NC members, review resource materials and develop timeline for next year
  • In person meetings and/or additional teleconferences may be scheduled as required. All meetings will be supported financially by the Academy.

Committee Members:

  • Consists of a minimum of 5 members who are currently certified by the Academy.
  • Will reflect the characteristics of the general membership (including at least one CPI, CCRC, CCRA) and the nature of the activities undertaken by the committee.
  • One public member who serves as the current public member on the Academy Board.
  • Leadership will entail a committee Chair and Vice Chair, who are appointed by the Academy Board.
  • Due consideration will be given to assuring appropriate familiarity with current Board operations and dynamics

A single Committee Member may fill multiple categories, except that the Chair position may not be filled by a Member of the Academy Board of Trustees. E.g., if the Nominating Committee Vice Chair is a CCRA that individual satisfies two committee membership categories (Vice Chair and CCRA).

Role of Chair
The Nominating Committee Chair is responsible for leadership and facilitating the work of the committee.

Role of Vice Chair
In the absence of the Chair, the Nominating Committee Vice Chair is responsible for leadership and facilitating the work of the committee. While it is the intent to have succession planning within committees through mentoring of all committee members including the Vice Chair, it should be understood that based on the needs of the committee, the Vice Chair may not automatically ascend to the Chair position at the completion of his or her term as Vice Chair.

Role of the Committee Academy BoT Liaison
An Academy BoT Liaison is appointed to each committee in order to build a stronger connection between the committee and the Board and provide added support and recognition of the work being accomplished by the committee. The Academy BoT Liaison is a fully participating member of the committee. He/she serves as the voice of the committee at Academy Board meetings and when needed, provides update reports on behalf of the committee to the Board. Conversely, the Academy Board Liaison also provides clarification around strategies outlined by the Board that directly impacts the committee and their work. The Academy BoT Liaison serves a one-year term with the possibility of being reappointed for a second term. The Academy BoT Liaison may not simultaneously serve as Chair of the Committee.

Role of Committee Staff Liaison
The Committee Staff Liaison provides all necessary support to the Chair, Vice Chair, and all the committee members to facilitate the work of the committee, including setting up meetings and helping to prepare the materials.

Staff Liaisons: Director, Certification

Term Length:

  • Committee members will serve a two-year term and based on availability, contribution, and performance may serve one sequential term of two years.
  • Previous members may return to serving the committee, per the needs of the committee, after a one year break in service.
  • If an individual has served two two-year terms, he or she may be appointed as Chair for an additional one-year term. Those who have not completed two two-year terms may also be appointed as Chair at any time during their service on the committee.

Skills and Expertise

  • Core skills and expertise of committee members required to meet the committee’s goals and objectives will be assessed annually to determine how open committee positions are filled.
  • Skills and expertise will be determined annually by the Academy Board, committee chair, and staff liaison.
  • Expertise may include:
    • Communication
    • Leadership Skills
    • Strategic Planning
    • Previous service on the Academy Board or on an Academy or ACRP Committee is highly desirable

Related Working Groups: None


  • Nominating Committee submits their recommended slate for approval to the Academy Board at the annual Board meeting.
  • An annual report will submitted to the Board.
  • The committee’s work will be aligned with the Strategic Plan. The staff liaison is responsible for providing the committee with an orientation.

Goals for 2018

  • In addition to fulfilling the goals and objectives in the 2018 Charge, the Committee will review the scoring process for improvements in 2018 including the potential use of electronic scoring through the awards management software
  • Continue practice of the joint promotion of nominations with ACRP’s Nominating Committee.

Approved by Academy Board October 15, 2017