The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Awards & Recognition Committee

The ACRP Awards & Recognition Committee holds responsibility for providing a transparent, neutral and objective process for selection criteria and review of candidates eligible for annually predefined awards and recognition programs. For further information on the Awards & Recognition Committee’s goals, objectives, key responsibilities, and meeting schedule, please refer to the Committee Charge below.

2019 Awards & Recognition Committee Members

Judy Kroulek, RN, BSN, CCRC

Chattanooga Research & Medicine
Soddy Daisy, TN
Term 2/Year 2

Brent McClean
(Vice Chair)

Field Reimbursement Manager
Nashville, TN
Term 2/Year 2

Romiya Barry
Groton, MA
Term 2/Year 2

Maria De Alvare, MD, CCRA, CPI
PRA Health Sciences
West Linn, OR
Term 2/Year 2

Lori Dewar, BSc, CCRP, CCRC
Clinical Project Manager
Robarts Clinical Trials
London, ON, Canada
Term 2/Year 2

Elizabeth Turk, CCRC
Clinical Research Coordinator
Children’s Mercy Hospital
Kansas City, MO
Term 2/Year 2

ACRP Staff Liaison:
Ramona Jackson

Membership Director

Committee Charge

The ACRP Awards & Recognition Committee holds the responsibility to provide a transparent, neutral and objective process for selection criteria and review of candidates eligible for annually predefined awards and recognition programs.

Goals and Objectives

The committee will develop a formal process and procedure for the ACRP awards program to be conducted on an annual basis as well as define the content of the various awards and the selection criteria for eligibility. Awards recognize individual achievement, service to the organization, public service and excellence and/or innovation in clinical research. The committee may also recommend special awards or on-going recognition programs that are in alignment with the mission of the organization.

Responsibilities for 2017

  • Refine award categories as needed, review the nomination criteria and selection process and annually evaluate submissions in accordance with this process.


The scope of authority for the committee is to define the content of the various awards and the selection criteria for eligibility annually and to evaluate and select award recipients annually. The committee will present the Association Board of Trustees (ABoT) with a final slate for receipt at the first board meeting of the year.


Meeting Schedule

The Awards & Recognition Committee will meet regularly via teleconference as needed. All meetings will be supported financially by ACRP.

Committee Representation

  • Consists of up to seven members who are active members in good standing with ACRP.
  • Includes global representation when possible and reflects the characteristics of the general ACRP membership.
  • Includes at least one member from the Association Board of Trustees (ABoT), appointed by the ACRP Board, who holds equal voting rights and is a fully functioning member of the committee.
  • Leadership will entail a committee Chair and Vice Chair, who are appointed by the ACRP Board.

Role of Chair

The Awards & Recognition Committee Chair is responsible for leadership and facilitating the work of the committee.

Role of Vice Chair

In the absence of the Chair, the Awards & Recognition Vice Chair is responsible for leadership and facilitating the work of the committee. While it is the intent to have succession planning within committees through mentoring of all committee members including the Vice Chair, it should be understood that based on the needs of the committee, the Vice Chair may not automatically ascend to the Chair position at the completion of his or her term as Vice Chair.

Role of the Committee ABoT Liaison

An ABoT Liaison is appointed to each committee in order to build a stronger connection between the committee and the ABoT and provide added support and recognition of the work being accomplished by the committee. The ABoT Liaison is a fully participating member of the committee. He/she serves as the voice of the committee at ABoT meetings and when needed, provides update reports on behalf of the committee to the Board. Conversely, the ABoT Liaison also provides clarification around strategies outlined by the ABoT that directly impacts the committee and their work. The ABoT Liaison serves a one-year term with the possibility of being reappointed during their service on the ABoT. The ABoT Liaison may not simultaneously serve as Chair or Vice Chair of the committee.

Role of the Committee Staff Liaison

The Committee Staff Liaison provides all necessary support to the Chair, Vice Chair, and all the committee members to facilitate the work of the committee, including setting up meetings and helping to prepare the materials.

Staff Liaison: Director, Membership

Term Length

  • Committee members will serve a two-year term and based on availability, contribution, and performance may serve one sequential term of two years.
  • Previous members may return to serving on the committee, per the needs of the committee, after a one year break in service.
  • A member’s term starts in the year he/she joins the committee, not at the date he/she joins.
  • If an individual has served two two-year terms, he/she may be appointed as Chair for an additional one-year term. A member who has not completed two two-year terms may also be appointed as Chair at any time during their service on the committee.

Skills and Expertise

  • Core skills and expertise of committee members, required to meet the committee’s goals and objectives, will be assessed annually to determine how open committee positions are filled.
  • Skills and expertise will be determined annually by the committee as whole, with guidance from the Committee Chair, ABoT Liaison, and staff liaison.
  • Expertise may include:
    • Good knowledge of clinical research
    • Communication
    • Leadership
    • Strategic Planning
    • Previous volunteer service with ACRP, APCR, and/or the Academy.

Related Working Groups: None


  • Submit an annual report to the ABoT.
  • The ABoT Liaison will present recommended candidates for each approved award during the ABoT’s first meeting of the year.
  • Keep the committee’s work aligned with the ACRP Strategic Plan.
  • The staff liaison is responsible for providing the orientation to all committee members.
  • In order to avoid potential negative perceptions from the ACRP membership and/or potential conflict of interests, the committee should prohibit:
    • any potential self-nomination as a committee member.
    • a committee member nominating someone that is serving on the committee.
    • a committee member nominating anyone that is directly linked to him/her, including being a relative, or a business colleague.
    • a committee member nominating any person that is personally and professionally related to another committee member.