What Does the Future of Phase III Clinical Trials Look Like in a Population Health Model?

Population health management strategies can change the way clinical care reaches patients. These approaches take into account the interaction among health outcomes, determinants, and policy interventions to impact the health of both individuals and communities.1,2 By including population-level components like health assessments, health promotion, and outcome management, an effective population health model can ensure specific […]

Ken Getz, Associate Professor and Director of Sponsored Research, Tufts CSDD

Three “Givens” That Will Always Drive Successful Drug Development

There is much to celebrate as we reach ACRP’s 40th anniversary. The clinical research enterprise has been remarkably productive, and has delivered important medical therapies across a wide range of disease conditions. Research and development pipelines have grown steadily during the past four decades, fed by such innovation drivers as high-throughput screening, proteomics, and genomics. […]

David Vulcano headshot

Guest Editor’s Message: Revisiting the Future…AGAIN!

If you’ve seen my name listed as guest editor of previous issues of this journal, or remember the columns I contributed during my stint as chair of the Association Board of Trustees (ABoT), you might now be predicting that your very immediate future contains yet another nonscholarly column filled with pop culture references and self-demeaning […]

Drug Products for Investigator-Initiated Research

What happens when a clinical investigator is also the person with an idea for a new drug? He or she envisions how and why it works, and possibly has experimented with it to help understand it better, and to confirm the idea is on the right track. Then the researcher begins to think about his […]