Drug Products for Investigator-Initiated Research

What happens when a clinical investigator is also the person with an idea for a new drug? He or she envisions how and why it works, and possibly has experimented with it to help understand it better, and to confirm the idea is on the right track. Then the researcher begins to think about his […]

Coordinator Debarment a Wake-Up Call for Clinical Trial Sites, Sponsors

Earlier this month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) debarred a study coordinator for a drug clinical trial at an institution in the agency’s Northern District of Illinois, alleging the use of fictional patients and skewed reports, among other serious charges. While it represents an “extreme and rare example,” the FDA’s action should serve […]

Tight Trial Market Demands Clinical Trial Sites Employ New Business Tactics

With a tightening clinical trial marketplace and an increasingly stagnant per-patient value, study sites are under ever-greater pressure to find new ways to reach new subjects and satisfy some wary sponsors, says Christian Burns, a specialist in clinical site business development and patient recruitment with ClinEdge. The key is flexibility and recognizing new market segments. […]

New Report Shows Clinical Trial Sites Value Communication, Protocols, Monitors as Most Critical to Relationships with CRO, Sponsor Partners

Clinical research site staff report communication, protocols, and monitors as the three most critical aspects of successful relationships with their CRO and sponsor research partners, according to new data from a collaborative research study by ACRP and CRO Analytics. In a survey of nearly 300 clinical research sites, the majority of respondents listed these three […]