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Rising Patient Expectations to Roil Clinical Trial Landscape

Today’s healthcare patient tends to expect delivery of services more on their terms than at any time in recent history, experts say. Whether it’s the use of wearables to track healthcare data, leveraging virtual clinical trials, or diagnosis via telemedicine, patients, especially millennials, won’t always jump through the same hoops to employ the services […]

Leveraging Audit Trails to Monitor Clinical Study Risk

Clinical Researcher—December 2019 (Volume 33, Issue 10) DATA-TECH CONNECT Steve Young   The clinical research industry has gone through an important transformation over the past 15 to 20 years, from a largely paper-based paradigm to one in which electronic systems are regularly—and increasingly—leveraged for all aspects of clinical trial planning, execution, and management. Internet-based electronic […]

Clinical Standards are Vital to Improving Care, Facilitating Innovation

Clinical Researcher—December 2019 (Volume 33, Issue 10) SCIENCE & SOCIETY Al O. Pacino   Clinical research leaders are calling for improvements to the current system. Standardized clinical practices may be answer. Across the globe, collaboration between healthcare and research organizations is coming head-to-head with rapidly changing regulations. As the need for collaboration increases, independent […]