Elisa Cascade

How Your Organization Can Benefit from a Presentation at ACRP 2024

While the benefits that can accrue to one’s personal career development and networking trajectory from presenting at a major conference are noteworthy, they don’t stop there. Elisa Cascade, MBA, a member of the Conference Content Advisory Team that is building the program for the ACRP 2024 meeting, urges potential speakers to think about the knock-on effect a high-quality, memorable presentation can have for the reputations and visibility of the organizations they come from.

Bias in Electronic Health Records May Affect Clinical Trials

Results of clinical trials are only as good as the data upon which they rest. This is especially true in terms of diversity—if most people in a trial are from a certain race or socioeconomic group, then the results may not be broadly applicable. This form of potential bias is not a novel concept, but a group of researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago that includes an ACRP Student member as well as colleagues from other institutions has identified a potential hidden source of bias: electronic health records.