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ACRP Analytics is a new joint initiative between ACRP and CRO Analytics designed to assist ACRP Members and their employers in understanding and employing rigorous service quality measurement to reduce the costs and timelines of clinical trials.

As part of the initiative, ACRP Alliance Partner organizations will have access to CRO Analytics’ clinical trial performance analytics platform Performer™ at a discounted rate, with additional incentives available to site networks.

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Despite billions in e-clinical investments and “centricity” initiatives, inability to meet trial deadlines and budgets continues to challenge the industry. Actionable data from rigorous service quality measurement is an underutilized tool that can be an important part of reversing this decades-long problem. This free Webinar series will help you understand performance analytics and how to put them into action to improve clinical trial quality.

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  • What We’re Doing Isn’t Working: The Case for Performance Analytics in Clinical Research (June 29) – Watch
  • Applying Service Quality Measurement to Clinical Trials (July 13) – Watch
  • Performance Defined: What Sponsors Want from CROs (July 27) – Watch
  • Performance Defined: What Sites Want from Research Partners (August 10) – Watch
  • How to Use Performance Analytics to Improve CRO Performance (August 24) – Watch

White Paper: Applying the Power of Performance Analytics to the Challenges of Improving Clinical Research

This free white paper presents the findings of groundbreaking research by ACRP and CRO Analytics.

This collaboration was the first effort to identify through predicting modeling what investigative sites believe is critical to the success of their efforts and how well their research partners are addressing those needs.

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Tufts Findings Make Strong Case for Performance Analytics

A compelling case for utilizing service quality-based performance analytics to improve clinical trial performance is made in a recent article in Clinical Leader (Why Is Study Start-Up Still So Inefficient) highlighting the findings of the latest study out of the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. As commented on here by Peter Malamis, CEO of CRO Analytics, there are two primary reasons for the strength of the case being made.

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New Report Shows Clinical Trial Sites Value Communication, Protocols, Monitors as Most Critical to Relationships with CRO, Sponsor Partners

Clinical research site staff report communication, protocols, and monitors as the three most critical aspects of successful relationships with their CRO and sponsor research partners, according to new data from a collaborative research study by ACRP and CRO Analytics. In a survey of nearly 300 clinical research sites, the majority of respondents listed these three aspects of clinical trials as most critical to fostering positive relationships between sites, sponsors, and CROs.

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