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Career Center RSS Feed Examples

This is a ‘Visual Editor with Sidebar’ content module used in the Flexible Content template.

The sidebar is an RSS “widget,” which is apparently already set up in our WordPress platform. I’ve only been able to find an RSS feed tool in our CMS through “widgets,” which is not ideal. I don’t love the style of this particular widget—I think the font is a touch large and the RSS icon seems pointless, but largely this is decent. I’d also like to see a “View More Jobs” link at the end of the listing so it’s clear there are more jobs to browse than just the few listed here (I set it to display 5 in the widget).

I could anticipate using this sidebar option alongside all types of applications of the ‘Visual Editor with Sidebar’ content module, including for “Posts,” which seem to use that module as the default. I wouldn’t want it to automatically appear on all “Posts,” because we run advertising right-rail against editorial content, but we could certainly add it after ads, or decide to use it instead of ads if the Post content is career-centric.

This next option would be cool for dropping different feeds into a columned format. The headings would be real-world application, presuming I could get a return on the RSS feed for these types of jobs. But the overall point is, it would be nice to be able to drop a feed in anywhere I want, really. I’m using the “Columns” module for this application.

Jobs in the ACRP Career Center

This next option is for potentially dropping at the end of “Posts,” and would ideally appear ahead of “RELATED.” I’m just dropping a mocked-up screenshot below as an image because that’s the best way to show what I’m thinking.