Career Paths in Clinical Research: Sharing the Journey and Providing Insight

Join a panel of clinical research professionals as they discuss their career paths into and through the clinical research industry, consider the future of their roles, and share advice with those wanting to join the industry. You will gain an understanding of the different research roles, areas that are ripe for career growth and development, and how you can prepare to thrive amidst future trends.

Let’s Talk Patient Recruitment: Strategies, Tools, Communication

This webinar reviews two participant recruitment strategies with guests who have helped increase efficiencies and increase recruitment into clinical trials. Be prepared to walk away with some new tips and tricks that you may be able to implement into your recruitment strategy as well.

Monitoring Investigator-Initiated Trials

This webinar offers organizations valuable knowledge regarding how to create a process for internally monitoring the quality and safety of investigator-initiated trials. Templates, workflows, and other tools are shared so that learners may adapt the proposed program to their own institutional needs.