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ACRP Certification Helps Your Business Soar

Having the best people gives you the best of both worlds: lower costs and risk, and higher quality, efficiency, and certainty.

Research shows ACRP Certification results in:

  • Higher Enrollment Rates
  • Lower Protocol Deviations
  • Fewer 483 Warning Letters
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance
  • Better Inspection Performance


“The research is clear: certified principal investigators and clinical research coordinators do better work compared with their peers who hold no certification. Much better work, in fact.”

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“Our new analysis clearly shows that on average the CRA role is better played by CRAs whose competence has been validated through ACRP’s certification exams.”

— CRA Assessments (Read More)

ACRP Certification validates your team’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to safely and ethically perform clinical research. When your employees pass an ACRP Certification Exam, your organization gains the industry’s most recognized and respected endorsement of their understanding of international clinical research standards and ability to apply that knowledge on the job.

“[T]he CPI certification is a valid differentiator in predicting regulatory compliance as investigators obtaining CPI certification perform better on FDA inspections than those investigators who are not CPI certified.”

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“[T]he total number of protocol deviations in four clinical trials in the US was much lower if the investigator was certified as CPI, particularly if in addition the clinical research coordinator was certified as CCRC.”

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“ACRP-certified researchers have a low number of protocol deviations…[and] they have higher enrollment rates across currently active U.S. investigations.”

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What Do Organizations Supporting ACRP Certification Say?

*2018 Survey of Employers Supporting ACRP Certification


agree they gain respect as an organization by having certified staff.*


agree the quality of work performed by certified staff is better.*


agree that supporting certification is a retention tool for their organization.*


agree that they are able to secure more business as a result of having certified staff.*

Support for Certification Boosts Employee Satisfaction and Retention

“Having research staff become ACRP certified is an investment in their learning and knowledge base, which benefits everyone involved. It helps with job satisfaction, retention, recognition, and sustainability of the department.”

— 2018 Survey of Employers Supporting ACRP Certification


The average cost-per-hire, which is up 70% from 2010. Source: Society for Human Resource Management


The average number of days spent filling a position, which is up 15 days from just five years ago. Source: Society for Human Resource Management

Find the ACRP Certifications for Your Team

ACRP Certification Marks




CCRC®, CCRA®, CPI®, ACRP-CP®, ACRP-PM®, ACRP-MDP® are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as a service mark of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals, Inc.

Accreditation and Industry Recognition Mean Quality

ACRP Certification programs are held to the highest standards by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The CCRC®, CCRA®, and CPI® are accredited by NCCA and recognized as evidence of GCP training by TransCelerate Biopharma, Inc. and its member companies, including some of the world’s largest clinical trial sponsors. The CCRC® and CCRA® programs are also recognized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) toward assisting a hospital in meeting requirements of its Magnet Recognition Program.

“Invest in the workforce to deliver the promise of big data and innovative trial design.”

A report on the future of drug development urges certification as a means to “consolidate shifts in workforce requirements and standardize how people are trained and assessed.”

— The Economist Business Intelligence Unit (Read More)

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