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Webinar Replay: Steps to Overcome Information Overload in Clinical Research

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  • Jason Methia, Vice President, Site Strategy, Veeva Systems

During a clinical trial, massive amounts of data are collected, analyzed, and reported to different audiences. While gathering this data is a necessary and critical part of doing research, how can we prevent being overwhelmed by its sheer quantity and not miss out on important operational indicators that make running trials more efficient? How can we streamline data collection, analysis, and information exchange during study execution?

Join Veeva Systems as we discuss the industry perspective on data sharing and collaboration in clinical research, the use of metrics to optimize performance, and strategies that reduce information overload and simplify how sites, sponsors, and CROs work together throughout the clinical trial process.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine the driving forces that are creating information overload in clinical research
  2. Discover innovative approaches to measure and benchmark trial performance
  3. Learn best practices for driving greater efficiency and collaboration
  4. Identify and quantify the value of key clinical operational metrics in data collection, analytics, and information exchange

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