The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Business Development Best Practices: How to Make your Site Stand Out in an Increasingly Competitive Landscape

With the clinical trial landscape becoming increasingly complex and competitive, it is essential that clinical research sites position themselves in a way to stand out from the “competition.” Factors such as a downturn in the volume of trials being conducted in sites’ primary indications leads to increased competition for each study and a potential downturn in the number of active trials at a site. We will discuss industry trends that impact R&D, the key factors that drive them, and the implications for research sites. We will discuss insightful strategies for staying ahead of the curve, such as therapeutic expansion and increasing patient access within existing key indications. Finally, we will discuss key tactics for developing and strengthening CRO & sponsor relationships in order to become a “go-to” site.


This program is a recorded session from ACRP 2019